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Tackling bovine TB in the field

Tackling bovine TB in the field. Jo Judge

The team

From the University of Exeter:

The science behind the exhibit

Bovine tuberculosis is among the UK’s greatest challenges in animal health policy and practice. Researchers have shown that TB control is hindered by the performance of cattle diagnostic tests and by infections from badgers. Unfortunately changes to either of these regimes is costly, difficult and controversial for all sorts of reasons. This exhibit will challenge participants to tackle the complexity of TB control taking into account the latest research on cattle test performance and badger behaviour.

What to expect

We have built a virtual interactive farm landscape where badgers, cattle and TB interact. Taking the role of a vet, a farmer or a wildlife manager, you will aim to tackle TB in a virtual world by testing and removing cattle and by catching, vaccinating or culling badgers. Animals and infection will respond interactively to your control measures. The challenges of controlling this chronic infection will soon become apparent.


  Bovine TB and Biosecurity - Video 1 - Introduction

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